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A lot of people refer to Google to search for something as it is the most popular search engine around. Most browsers and toolbars also have Google as their default search engine.

When using Google to search most people do not know how to use Google effectively to search, especially students.

Students in a two-year ethnographic study referred to Google more than any search engine when confabulating their research habits. The series of studies, distinguished as the “Ethnographic Research in Illinois Academic Libraries Project (ERIAL)” is a synergetic effort by five Illinois universities that aims to better understand various students research habits. The 60 students who participated in a ” “examination process interview” — with researchers following them around the library as they searched for information — frequently used the search engine poorly.

Well in this video guide I will help you out with more than a few ways to use Google effectively to search. In my examples where applicable I will use the search term “cord blood” which is something I recently learned about and found it an interesting topic! So of course I went to Google and began to search and learn more about cord blood. Don’t know what Cord blood is? Well lets start learning how to find out with Google!

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How to find the definition of something: use the term “define: word” so using Google we will type in search engine: “define: cord blood”. Google shows a definition of cord blood and actually offers more websites that shows you the definition as well, so you can get more than one source of a definition at the click of a button, especially if you open each in a new tab in your browser.

Google’s definition states cord blood is “Blood from the human umbilical cord, a source of stem cells.”

Phrase search: put the words in quotes, example “cord blood edu”or “cord blood .edu”. When I research things I like to read from educational institutions or scientific institutions. The websites that usually have this has the .edu extension on its domain.

So when I use Google effectively to search for cord blood from educational or scientific sources I type with quotes: “cord blood .edu” and see the many results that come from what usually are credible sources. I know most of you students out here get told by teacher to not use Wikipedia as a reference so here is a way to search Google for credible references. Rejoice! Whoo Hoo!

Search within a specific website: so you found a site that talks about a subject and want to search the entire site for terms? No problem! I found a site that talks about cord blood and it is http://www.cancer.duke.edu/ccbb/. Ok that is all fine and dandy but what I want to know is if this site talks about any risks dealing with cord blood. So what do I use to search Google? With the format “search term site: website address

So in Google I type without quotes “risk site:http://www.cancer.duke.edu/ccbb/” and what do you know! I found a section of site that talks about the risks of the cord blood procedure. The site says “They are usually hospitalized for 2 months and need to live near the transplant center after they are discharged for approximately two additional months. It is a big undertaking that carries a 10-20% risk of dying from the procedure.”

Search either OR: so now we want to search and we want to find a phrase along with a few other words, we don’t really care which other word specifically as long as it is the few we specify.

So we use the OR command. Here is an example. In Google I search without quotes “cord blood surgery OR operation” or I can search “cord blood surgery OR operation OR procedure”. I put the phrase I want to search in the beginning then the “either or” search terms to go along with it. So I can find 3 terms in one search: 1. cord blood surgery 2. cord blood operation 3. cord blood procedure.

Got it? Good! 😉

Excluding terms: so we are searching and we don’t want certain terms to come up when we search with the phrase we are searching. In this example I don’t want certain websites to come up. To exclude things in a search we use the minus sign in front of the word.

Here is an example of me searching and wanting to exclude .com and .edu websites: I search without quotes “cord blood -.com -.org” and what do you know, no websites come up with that domain extension. Now I want to search for cord blood without the website having these terms, also keep in mind it helps to add a s to the end of words as well, so I don’t want the words: bank, registry, and banks in the search results I search without quotes “cord blood -bank -registry -banks“. It is that easy!

Ok, so now we know how to use Google effectively to search! So lets combine what we learned into one MEGA Search Term! I want to search for “cord blood” from a credible website that has a “.edu” in it, I don’t want any PDF sources and I also want to search either terms along with a phrase! Anyone know how to do this raise your hands please! Ok, you in the right corner! Oh you just want to use the bathroom?, Ok go ahead! LOL!

Well this is how you would search it in Google minus the quotes: “cord blood surgery OR operation OR heal OR recovery site:.edu -bank -banks -registry -pdf

Whew! Now that is what I call a MEGA Search Term! You all can now use Google effectively to search based on my guide.

Happy searching!


More information:
What Is Cord Blood?

Umbilical cord blood is the blood that remains in the placenta after a baby is delivered and the umbilical cord is cut. Once considered medical waste, cord blood is often dispensed along with the placenta following the birth of a baby. Cord blood is rich in stem cells, the parent cells of blood and immune cells. These stem cells have the ability to become mature cells and can be used to treat children and adults with some types of cancer and other diseases affecting the blood and immune systems. An umbilical cord blood transplant can save the life of a person suffering from cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Cord blood can used for bone marrow transplants to treat infectious and non-infectious disorders. It represents the source for 40% of pediatric Bone Marrow Transplants and 10% of adult Bone Marrow Transplants. Cord blood progenitor cells may also be the ideal source for regenerative medicine studies. Many researchers are evaluating the potential of these cells to generate all sorts of tissues. Advantages that cord blood cells have over adult donor stem cell sources are: 1) they are more immunologically simple, thus allowing more flexibility in the degree of Human Leukocyte Antigen matching needed for transplant, 2) they are readily available and can be collected without invasive procedures (such as taking a donor to the operating room for a bone marrow harvest).

There is only a fifteen-minute window when cord blood can be collected so it is important for families to learn about cord blood banking early in their pregnancy so they can make an informed decision.


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