My name is Jeremy. I’m a humble, talented & funny guy who loves to teach! It’s a great feeling empowering others to do something that they learned from me.

I am a productivity addict. I love to be as streamlined as possible, to work smarter to complete tasks fast with a low margin of error (nobody is perfect).

I have innovative thinking and creativity & with this site I am striving to create Quality Video Tutorials on how to get around the computer & do tasks many have asked around for or I come up on my own. I love to learn & also teach. Speaking of teaching I am a software trainer to many people and I always get complimented on how easy I break complicated things down to "laymen terms."

I am a designer, developer, computer technician, consultant, writer, graphic artist, teacher, and more! I have been designing and being a computer technician in the industry since 1999. Over the course of time I have won many awards in the design and drawing field and giving people a sigh of relief as a technology professional solving problems.

I run a business registered in the state of California which provides a multitude of services from design, marketing, and computer consulting (Information Technology). With the design and marketing aspect of my business, I work on various projects which are usually non-disclosed. With computer consulting I consult small and large businesses usually in the medical field (doctors, dentists, and their ilk).

I like how I can combine my many talents into one website where I can exhibit my writing, design, teaching, and more all on a site while helping over 10,000 people a month!

Enjoy my video tutorials, feedback is always appreciated!

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