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Windows Automatic Updates can wreak havoc on your computer! I know of some people who have done fresh installs of Microsoft Windows then let Windows Automatic Updates run and then **KABOOM** Microsoft Windows has gone to pieces! Microsoft Windows won’t boot up, blue screens all over the place and etc! On the other hand Windows Automatic Updates can be beneficial to your computer if you select custom items to install.

So to combat this double edged sword of Windows Automatic Updates, I will show you how to disable it and if you dare to, enable it once again. I consider Windows Automatic Updates as a twisted form of Russian Roulette, LOL! 😀


  1. Open up your control panel, Start Button>Control Panel and then open the icon that says Security Center.
  2. On the very bottom of this window you will see it says Manage security settings for, under that you will click on Automatic updates.
  3. Now you have the option to have it ENABLED by clicking the circle next to Automatic (recommended). Or you can DISABLE it by clicking the circle next to Turn off automatic updates.

Mission accomplished! Well I hope you all enjoyed how to Disable And Enable Windows Automatic Updates Video Tutorial!

VIDEO TUTORIAL [Please View Fullscreen]

More information:

What is Microsoft Windows Automatic Updates?
With the installation of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), it contained a collection of new technologies designed to help keep your PC and your personal information more secure. One of those tools that makes it easier to monitor these settings is with the new Windows Security Center, available through the Control Panel.

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