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Disable Windows Security Center Popup once and for all! It is supposed to be a safety measure but I think swimming in shark infested waters with ground beef covering your body will be more safe than Windows could ever be, at any rate lets continue LOL.

Tired of being nagged by the your computer might be at risk balloon popup in Windows XP? Why must Microsoft taunt me just because I want to disable my Windows Firewall and / or Automatic Updates. Ok the Anti-Virus Software I can understand LOL. But its weird because Microsoft Windows Automatic Updates can be a virus in itself (Windows not loading due to a Microsoft Windows Automatic Update sound familiar? LOL)

Well lets get down and dirty and disable our Your computer might be at risk popup and I will show you two ways to completely disable Windows Security Center popup in Windows XP.


First Way:

  1. Open up your control panel, Start Button>Control Panel and then open the icon that says Security Center.
  2. On the left side of the Security Center window, you will see a resources section. Click the bottom link that states Change the way Security Center alerts me.
  3. You can disable all the alerts here by clicking and removing all the check boxes. If you want to be selective then uncheck just what you want.
  4. Now you have disable windows security center popup and its annoying your computer might be at risk popup notification!

Second Way:

  1. Open the Run Command by clicking Start
  2. Type in minus quotes: “Services.msc“; Click OK.
  3. Scroll and look for Security Center on the right side. When found double-click it to open.
  4. Under Startup type select Disabled or Manual in the drop-down menu.
  5. Under Service Status click on the Stop button.
  6. Click Apply and then click OK.
  7. Windows Security Center is now disabled, HOORAH!! LMAO.

Celebration time, CMON!!!! It’s a celebration! 1 less Microsoft Windows annoyance to worry about 😀 Well I hope you all enjoyed how to disable “Your Computer Might Be At Risk Popup” and “Disable
Windows Security Center Popup” Video Tutorial!

VIDEO TUTORIAL [Please View Fullscreen]

More information:

What is Microsoft Security Center?
With the installation of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), it contained a collection of new technologies designed to help keep your PC and your personal information more secure. One of those tools that makes it easier to monitor these settings is with the new Windows Security Center, available through the Control Panel.

The Security Center lets you check the status of your essential security settings. You can also use it to find information about the latest virus or other security threat or to get customer support from Microsoft for a security-related issue.

Official Microsoft Security Center Information Website


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