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I was trying to add my own music playlist via a “.m3u” playlist to my Nokia Asha 303 and I copied it along with the music files to my memory card in which I took out of my PC and put back inside my Nokia Asha 303.

I booted up my Asha 303 gleefully to play my own music but when I refreshed the music player library the playlist showed up empty. To my dismay adding a music playlist on my Asha 303 the traditional way did not work!

I have used this same method on my Nokia E-63’s (Yes I have two of them, Red & Blue, almost bought the Black one to complete my trio in all colors but decided to get this newer Nokia Asha 303 with its great speakers!) and it worked perfectly on those phones.

After reading my Nokia Asha 303 manual for instructions on how to add a playlist it did me no justice. To make a playlist you would have to inside the phone add tracks separately to a playlist! This is counter productive in my opinion as many people will have a list of custom songs in a folder on their computer and just drag it on a memory card and expect to play their songs in a playlist like that easily!

So I did a search and I see no one talk about how to add a music playlist on the Nokia Asha 303. So it was time for me to problem solve! I thought about other options the Nokia Asha 303 listed music as which was Albums, Artists, & Genres. Artists was too broad and Genres was a broad term as well so Albums seemed to be much more unique to choose from so then I looked into MP3 tag editors and tinkered with some and Mp3Tag seemed the simplest and best choice after tinkering with a few!

So follow along the video and finally enjoy an easy way to have a music playlist on the Asha 303! Please leave feedback if this has helped you, thanks 🙂


• Visit http://www.snapfiles.com/ and search for “Mp3Tag” and get the free version. Here is the direct link at this present time: http://www.snapfiles.com/get/mp3tagde.html

• Download and install Mp3Tag.

• Inside Mp3Tag, open the music folder of the music you want to play on your Nokia Asha 303 in a music playlist.

• Fill in the areas specified in the video so you can have your music playlist on your Asha 303.

• Follow along video to have your music playlist on your Asha 303!

After following the steps in my video and transferring the music to your memory card and loading it up on your Asha 303 you should now be able to enjoy your music playlist on your Asha 303! 😀


More Information:

What Is A M3U Playlist?

The M3U Playlist is a music playlist that the Nokia Asha 303 does not support. This file is a plain text file that lists locations of one or more music files. The music files are saved with the “M3U” or “m3u” filename extension.

Each entry carries one specification. The specification can be any one of the following:

• A URL.

• Absolute local path name; e.g., W:\Music\ImmortalTechnique.mp3

• A local path name relative to the M3U file location; e.g. ImmortalTechnique.mp3

An M3U file can also include comments, starting with the “#” character. You can start off creating an m3u file with Windows Notepad!


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