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Many of us still like to bookmark the old fashioned way which is offline. Using multiple browsers and computers our bookmarks soon get scattered and unorganized. This quick & dirty but fairly easy way will synchronize bookmarks between IE (Internet Explorer) and Mozilla Firefox manually. This will also work to synchronize any other additional browsers like Opera as long as it can export a HTML file.

I know there are bookmark synchronizers that can store bookmarks synchronized online for easy access. But I prefer to have my bookmarks synchronized offline. Also with this method you can carry your bookmarks on a USB stick or even your MP3 player such as the Ipod Touch & visit your favorite sites from there.

Steps To Guide You In The Video Tutorial

  1. Open Firefox & visit the Add-On site at: https://addons.mozilla.org/ find & download the ‘Bookmark Duplicate Detector’ from Stephane BERTIN.
  2. Install the Add-On & restart Firefox. When Firefox opens, go to ‘Bookmarks>Organize Bookmarks
  3. On the right side, right click and select ‘sort by name
  4. Go and export the bookmarks file now, for example save it to desktop. This will be the backup incase anything goes wrong.
  5. Open Internet Explorer and go to ‘file> import and export’ and export your bookmarks to a file, lets call it ‘iebookmarks.html
  6. Now we will go back to Firefox, go to ‘Bookmarks>Organize Bookmarks’ and import the bookmarks file from Internet Explorer.
  7. Now, while still in ‘Organize Bookmarks’ on the toolbar select the ‘duplicates’ button. Go through each if you have any and keep what you want.
  8. To speed things up with the duplicate Add-On, go to the main Firefox window, then go to ‘tools>add-on’ select the duplicates Add-On, then click options.
  9. Select the duplicates tab, Check only ‘Automatically delete bookmarks in same folder (without confirmation request).’ Now click ok.
  10. When you click the Duplicates button now, in organize favorites, It should auto delete duplicates and any leftovers it will ask you to manually remove.
  11. Now you have Firefox & Internet Explorer bookmarks synced without duplicates and then you export this bookmark
  12. Delete the current Internet Explorer bookmarks by going to ‘Windows Explorer/Tools/Folder Options/View. Select Show hidden files and folders. Then go to C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Favorites.’Then deleteing all the files and folders in there.
  13. Now back in Internet Explorer go to ‘file> import and export’ and import the bookmarks file from step ‘11’ and everything should be synched.

If your interested in other ways to synchronize bookmarks, please view the collection below:

Sync between multiple Firefox browsers

Bookmarks online – Synchronize your Firefox bookmarks from several computers with the Bookmarks online server.

Box.net Firefox Bookmark Synchronizer – Use this Box.net Firefox addon to store and synchronize your bookmarks using the Box.net service from multiple computers.

Google Browser Sync – This Google tool synchronizes browser bookmarks, history, cookies, and passwords across computers. It also helps restore open tabs and windows across different machines and browser sessions. One small limitation is that Google Browser Sync doesn’t provide any online page displaying my bookmarks. This means if I use a cyber cafe computer then I cannot access my bookmarks, without installing the tool first.

Foxmarks – This Firefox addon automatically synchronizes your bookmarks between multiple Firefox browsers. You can also views your bookmarks on your Foxmarks account page.

Online Bookmark Manager – Stores and syncs your Firefox bookmarks with its server.Sync between Firefox
and IE

BookKit.com – You can install the IE plugin and the Firefox addon across different computers to synchronize your bookmarks with the BookKit server.

Bookmark Bridge – This open source software nicely syncs bookmarks between multiple browsers on your computer. To sync bookmarks, you have to open the Bookmark Bridge application click the ‘merge’ button. It can also remove bookmarks from a browser when removed from the other. There is so far no auto sync facility, and you to open the application to do that manually.

Bookmark Converter – This desktop application works as a media converter for your bookmarks. You can select the bookmark source, set the bookmark target and run the application to merge your links. It works with IE, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, and Firefox.

BookmarkSync – Another application that will run in your system try and monitor your browser bookmarks. It will sync your bookmarks across browsers and across computers. You can access your bookmarks on its site too. NOTE: Here is a review on BookmarkSync by a fellow blogger titled: BookmarkSync- automatic bookmark sync between browsers

dotBookmark – This one is very similar to Chipmark. It provides a browser toolbar button that displays your bookmarks. It works with both Internet Explorer and Firefox and you can access your bookmarks on its web server as well.

FavouriteSync – This is a tool to synchronize your IE favorites. Using another plugin, it can add a Favorites menu to Firefox.

Links2Tray – This tool combines IE’s favorites, Netscape’s bookmarks and Opera’s hotlist links and displays them from the system tray.

Lunarmark – Another tool to synchronize Firefox and IE bookmarks from the system tray.

Plain Old Favorites – Creates a Favorites link on your Firefox menu bar and displays your IE favorites from there.

Sync Bookmarks – Tool to sync bookmarks between Mozilla suit, SeaMonkey, and IE.

SyncMarks – This Firefox addon synchronizes your Firefox bookmarks with the Windows favorites, or with a XML/ HTML file or a remote server.

Zinkmo – This auto syncs your bookmarks across Firefox and IE and across computers. Zinkmo can also check for duplicate links. You can share your bookmarks publicly or save them for private use on the Zinkmo webpage.

Miscellaneous Bookmark Managers & Synchronization Tools

AM DeadLink – Finds dead links and duplicates in your Firefox, IE, Opera, and Netscape bookmarks. You can also use this to download favicons for your bookmarks.

Bookdog – This MAC OS X tool synchronizes bookmarks between Safari, Camino, Firefox, OmniWeb, Opera, Shiira, and Google Bookmarks.

Bookmark Duplicate Detector – Firefox addon that detects duplicates in your bookmark links.

Conduit – This tool for the GNOMe platform synchronizes your emails, files, bookmarks, and other information with another computer, website, or an electronic device.

Corona Soft – You can use Corona sync to sync files, media, bookmarks, contacts, calendar, and devices across computers.

Foxylicious – Firefox addon for integrating your Delicious bookmarks with your browser bookmarks.

Online Bookmark Manager – You can synchronize your Firefox bookmarks on your Online Bookmark Manager account and also create a public page of your bookmarks.

Portable Firefox – This is a portable version of the Firefox browser which you can use across computers of different platforms. You can carry your bookmarks, extensions, history, cookies, cache, web search engine favorites, and saved passwords along with the browser application.

SafariDepot – Tool to synchronize Safari bookmarks across multiple Macs with a FTP or FTPS server.


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